CFCs, or technically known as chlorofluorocarbons, have been found to do serious harm to the Earth’s atmosphere. They had been used heavily in the past in refrigerants and a number of other products, but have since been banned for use in much of the country. This is due to the significant harm that they are believed to have caused to the ozone layer, which protects life from the harmful rays of the sun.

CFCs were once determined to be an ideal option for use as refrigerants due to the fact that they are non-toxic and are not flammable. This greatly reduced the risks that were associated with other products that could pose serious hazards, especially when used in the home. However, it became abundantly clear that even though they were safe while used in these applications, once they were released into the environment they became extremely volatile. Not only was it apparent that they were likely the cause of the depletion of the ozone layer, but they were found to be a culprit in the global warming issue as well.

Problem With Freon

To answer the question of which refrigerants are CFC is rather complicated. There are a number of classes that have been created to categorize these environmentally harmful chemicals. With that said about the most commonly known CFC has the trade name of Freon. This is a product that was created and sold by Dupont and was used in a number of applications. The most common of these being inside of car air conditioning systems.

The problem with Freon is that it becomes volatile at room temperature. When it is inside of cooling systems and being compressed and cooled it poses no environmental hazard. Unfortunately, when it reaches room temperature and is able to escape into the air, it then becomes a hazard.

Concern For The Environment

Now that it has become clear that this is a major concern for the environment there are a number of regulations regarding its use. It is no longer allowed to be used in air conditioning systems in most countries. If an individual has a vehicle that used Freon and wishes to continue to have this feature in their vehicle after the chemical is depleted they must update the entire system, which can be rather costly. There are also regulations regarding the disposal of this chemical in an attempt to reduce the amount that is able to be released into the air. While all of these regulations have increased costs to consumers and businesses, they also appear to be making a big difference in protecting the ozone layer.

The ozone layer is an absolute critical component of the structure of the atmosphere. Without it humans as well as much of the life on Earth would not be able to survive. The elimination of the use of CFCs has led to a number of challenges and increases in costs, but in all reality the human species is rather fortunate that the problem was realized before it was too late. To know more contact us or visit the website at

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