If any company has been around for 40 years and is still manufacturing products that continue to score highly in customer reviews than it is certain that their products are among the best that money can buy. This is the case with Fleck manufacturers of top quality water softening devices.

The company is today owned by the Pentair Residential Filtration Company (LLC). The Fleck brand rose to prominence after their powerhead meter was recognized as a high quality product decades ago. The powerhead meter is a device that is used to measure when a household requires additional softened water.

Water Softening Devices

The revolutionery nature of the devices that were manufactured by Fleck changed the way that water softening devices worked. Prior to its introduction most water softening devices ran on timer switches – but the powerhead meter actually measured when more softened water was required rather than running on a simple cycle. this had a variety of advantages. these advantages included the fact that the household could save significant amounts of money due to reduced water consumption and also save on the money that needed to be spent on the softening salts that are often required by water softening devices.

Today the water softening devices produced by Fleck continue to receive accolades and high marks from both reviewers and users of their products. Adding to the attractions of the water softening devices produced by Fleck is the fact that the majority of their products are supplied with a five year warranty. The fact that they produce many different types of models which are suitable for the needs of households of different sizes makes the brand even more attractive to those who need a water softener.

The water softeners that are produced by the company also offer extremely good value for money given that the specifications of their water softening products are often better than those that are produced by their competitors.

Fleck Water Softener

Adding to the attractions of the Fleck products is the fact that the company has placed extra emphasis on making their units as user friendly as possible. It is possible for the homeowner to install a Fleck water softener without having to employ the services of a plumber – another cost saving that will make the users of such devices extremely happy.

The devices are also extremely easy to use and the settings are extremely intuitive due to the easy to read powerhead meter – which has now been time proven to deliver a superior user experience.

As bonus Fleck has ensured that their products are extremely environmentally friendly. The devices are manufactured from eco friendly materials and the soft water that is produced is kind to the environment

The network of agents also ensures that in the unlikely event of malfunction of a Fleck water softener both service personnel and parts are readily available.

Over the past 40 years Fleck has built an enviable reputation when it comes to the manufacture of top quality water softeners – making it one of the most trusted names in the business. To know more about us visit the website at www.watersoftenergurus.com/fleck-5600sxt-review/.

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