Shopping for diamonds is more complex than your average purchase. There are many things to consider when comparing diamond prices. This article shows you what you need to do to avoid comparing apples to oranges.

Carat Weight Correlates

The first thing you should know is that the carat weight correlates more or less with the size of the diamond. However, two stones with similar carat weight may vary quite a lot in terms of prices. This occurs because of the other characteristics involved in setting the market value, and therefore the price of a diamond. These characteristics are the color, the cut, and the clarity. All of them are measured on their own scales.

When you compare two stones, you need to make sure they have similar clarity, color and cut grades. When these conditions are met, the most expensive diamond should be the biggest one, hence the one with the biggest carat weight. However, this is only one of the situations you may encounter during your research.

Make Effective Comparison

In order to make an effective comparison, you need to start by deciding upon your main criteria such as the cut grade and the carat weight. The cut grade is very important, so you should pay close attention to it. If you want to buy a beautiful diamond with excellent brilliance and scintillation, you have to go for the best cut grade you can afford. Next, you have to pick an average size for your diamond. If the size you’d like to aim for is a bit too pricey, you should rather choose a smaller stone than compromise on other characteristics.

What Affect The Beauty of Stone?

Next, you’ll need to consider the clarity. This is another important characteristic, because it gives the crystal its beautiful sparkle. Aim for a clarity grade that doesn’t affect the beauty of the stone. If needed, compare multiple diamonds in the same clarity grade range, in order to find one with not so visible blemishes or inclusions. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to save some money by buying a stone with imperfections that qualify it for a lower grade, without affecting the path of light through the crystal.

With the cut grade, carat weight, and clarity grade set, you can go ahead and evaluate your color grade needs. If you intend to mount your diamond in yellow gold, you can go lower on the color grade scale. The reason for this is that your stone will borrow a slightly yellowish color from the metal, so there’s no point in spending extra to get a higher color grade.

This is a possible way to compare diamond prices. Never guide your decisions solely by the size of the stone. If needed, get a gemologist or a diamond grading expert to help you find the best deal. The expert will be able to help you avoid overpaying for your diamonds. If you don’t want to hire professional help, make sure all diamonds you compare have their third-party grading certificates. Buying best quality jewelry from Shop EDC  is a great idea to go for.

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