Didn’t it used to cost something to get a new social security card? I thought it did, but it had been years since I had to apply for a replacement card. Then I also had no idea up until recently that you could actually apply for one online. If you are in the same boat and would like the blanks filled in for you, then you can benefit from my recent experience and what I have to say about applying for a social security card.

Get Detail Information To Apply Online

So for awhile, I didn’t think you could apply online as mentioned. Then upon looking at the SSA website, I found out you could. Now let me tell you that I had been told and had seen sources saying that you could, but I didn’t believe them. It wasn’t so cut and dry or perhaps maybe I would have thought it was possible, but I say this for a reason. Don’t think I’m blowing smoke. Yes, you can actually apply for your social security card online, and it is free.

So you know you can get your card free and fill out the application online. If only it were as simple as going to the website and making the request. It is actually easy enough, but of course there are security measures. You do first need an online account with the SSA, and you register with them online to do it. It’s again an easy process, but you do need to know that you have to verify your account by email or text.

Get Access To All Information

Once you do that, you are essentially halfway through the process. Plus, you now have access to your social security wages and benefits stats and statement. While I am far away from retirement, I found this aspect of the process useful. Not only do you have access to that information, but you are going to get future statements delivered that way. That’s right, you don’t have a choice if you decide to sign up for an online account.

The SSA wants to go green, and that is the way that they are handling the matter. If you think about it, you might as well get your statements online if you are going to apply for a new social security card online. That means you are likely wanting to handle things with the SSA online vs going to the office, and they know that. Who could blame you because it can be a tedious process to go to the SSA office.

Fill Your Online Application

Now it is time to fill out your online application. You just have to fill it out, and then you also have to remember that you have to verify your identity. It’s not a difficult process. Yes, you already verified your identity for the online account in one way, but you have to do it a different way to apply for that card. And again, you don’t pay anything to submit your application for a replacement social security card for minor, and it will be on its way soon.

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