Going back for a considerable amount of time now, the medical marijuana industry was pretty much a cash-based business. For legal medical marijuana businesses it seemed that they really had no choice; if they wanted to be in business it had to be a predominantly cash-based one and that was that. Of course, as is the case with other cash-based businesses, a greater risk comes with this type of company.

Merchant Account Services

However, things started to change in the mid-2000s. A few banks were beginning to offer merchant account for business which medical marijuana dispensaries could make use of. This means that they enabled the businesses to accept credit cards. However, a significant problem still remained unresolved at this point. It was often difficult for medical marijuana merchants to set up a true business bank account so that they could deposit the proceeds of their credit card transactions.

That is where MMJ Merchant Partners really does step up to the plate. They have one very clear and determined goal in mind; to provide accounts for marijuana dispensaries and those who are in the legal marijuana industry business. Why are MMJ Merchant Partners so determined to meet this need?

MMJ Merchant Partners

In a few words, they saw the challenges which were encountered by, not only merchants of medical marijuana, but also the customers of these businesses. It was a real case of frustration on all parts and one that needed to be rectified. So what did MMJ Merchant Partners do to solve the issue?

Of course, setting up a new system requires experience, expertise, and knowledge. Thankfully, they were able to bring all of this to the table. They put their collective experience an knowledge to use and created a legitimate credit card processing solution for businesses within the legal medical marijuana industry. What does this system involve?

Strategic Partnership

It is a unique system which has been born through strategic partnerships, as well as alliances within the credit card industry. In addition, it involves working along with banks who understand and appreciate the numerous elements of the medical marijuana industry and take such into account So what is on offer with MMJ Merchant Partners?

At the moment, businesses can avail of a complete credit card and debit card processing system. In addition, full depository banking is also provided. The four major credit card brands are all accepted, the business can have a card swipe terminal and help is provided for those who wish to set up a depository business bank. In addition, a cash pick up service is on offer and don’t worry, the approval and set up process is designed to be easy.

Indeed, it is not easy to meet with difficulties when you are trying to run a business. There is no doubt that businesses within the medical marijuana industry have met with many problems throughout the years. However, now, with the help of MMJ Merchant Partners, it seems that many of these issues can be resolved.

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