Local SEO refers to optimization of a website so that it can score higher when a user searches a keyword pertaining to the location of the business search. Local SEO has proved to be an effective marketing tool, with many businesses being able to get new clients they wouldn’t have otherwise gotten. Below are some 5 essentials for Columbus local SEO.


This is the starting point of every SEO campaign. You will need to optimize the website for the niche segment. The keywords should also be the terms that people use to search for a product in the niche. The amount of traffic for a given keyword can be measured by using Google AdWords keyword tool.

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Site Optimizing

You will move to the next step of optimizing your website. Keywords will be incorporated into the title and H1 tags. Optimizing the website should be done by an expert to ensure every aspect is well taken care of. The website should be user-friendly too.


Content is the most important aspect of any SEO campaign. You should aim to provide original and fresh content because it will help you rank higher. Providing value to your current and prospective customers will make them come back, increasing the chance of buying your product or service. The content you are going to provide should be relevant to your customers.


Linking is important because it will help spread the word. There will no point of creating quality content and having no traffic. Choose the right sites to link to, they might be expensive, but one quality link is far much better than one hundred poor quality ones. Linking to quality sites means your content is also quality.

Monitor Competitor Performance

You need to keep yourself up to date on what your competitors are doing in terms of local SEO.

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